Full Name
Vince Poscente
Job Title
Founder and President
Rapid Professional Development
Speaker Bio
Despite any challenges, Vince Poscente helps business leaders with massive breakthroughs to accelerate growth. His “Do what the competition is not willing to do” approach to obstacles and resilience has been used by Fortune 500 companies around the globe. As a New York Times bestselling author of eight books, which include “The Earthquake” and “The Age of Speed,” he’s an in-demand corporate presenter, as well as an Olympian and Hall of Fame Speaker in both Canada and the USA. Poscente has led expeditions to summit and name Himalayan mountains after everyday heroes. Meetings & Conventions identified Vince as "Meeting Planners' Favorite Speaker." His “Full Speed Ahead” and “Accelerate Breakthroughs” virtual or conference keynotes are delivered with energy, humor, and practical takeaways.
Vince Poscente